Ordinances of the Church

 I.            Water Baptism 

II.            The Lord’s Supper and Feet Washing

 I.            Water Baptism

  1. Water Baptism is to plunge or dip, or a burial beneath the surface of the water and a lifting out again
  2. That we authorize the printing of Certificates of Baptism and recommended that the be issued to those baptized by the officiating minister
  3. Water Baptism is not a door into the church, but an act of obedience after one has been converted
  4. We recognize the immersion as the scriptural mode of water baptism. We recommended that our disciples be baptized b a minister who is baptized with the Holy Spirit. However, in as much as the Apostles baptized before and after Pentecost, we leave this matter to the conscience of the individual party and we should not exclude them if they are satisfied with their baptism.
  5. That Water Baptism be administered by Ordained or Licensed Male Ministers and that it would be in accordance with the commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:29, “Baptizing in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”.

 II.            Lord’s Supper and Feet Washing

The subject of Communion and Feet Washing was considered and the Assembly decided that both are taught in the New Testament and may be engaged in at the same service or at different times at the option of the Local Churches. In order to preserve the unity of the body, and to obey the sacred word. It was recommended that every member engage in these sacred services which should be observed one or more times each year